garden decoration

Growing Your Plants Using Garden Trellises

Garden trellises are a great way for you who want to grow crops without consuming a lot of places, so that more plants that can be planted in the narrow places. This object can also be made in the fence that covers part of your garden, so your garden will looks more beauty with all of the plants that growing in the trellises. The usefulness of this thing is to […]

cool basement ideas

Choosing the Best Material for Your Basement Wall Panels

Basement wall panels could be the first thing you have to figure out before building a basement in your house. The construction should be really strong and the material should be really sturdy to carry the pressure from the up. To choose which constructions and which procedure you should take to build your basement, sure you need the expert one for this. It is because you won’t take any risk […]

replacing sliding glass door

Sliding Doors: Modern Design Creation

There are so many types of door that can be applied in home design and one of them is sliding doors design. People might not know that door is an important part of home decoration. Take for example when it is placed in front the house, it will become the “face” of the house that will show the aesthetical taste of the house owner. That is why there are a […]

brushed nickel curtain rods

Shower Rods Designs to Complement Your Bathroom Interior

When you plan to include the use of curtain for shower room as part for your bathroom interior design, the shower rods thus become inevitably essential. Practically, the shower curtains are attached using hooks which are hung on the shower rod. The shower rod itself has various shapes, starting from the curved shower rods to the L one, which is definitely made to meet your bathroom needs and your shower […]

girl rooms ideas

Toddler Bedroom Ideas: The Design Safety

There are so many toddler bedroom ideas that you can actually apply in your home. Those ideas always involve toddler bedroom furniture, which very different with any standard magazine. That is the first thing that you need to consider when you develop any toddler design your house; that toddler room is special room. There are a lot of people that have tried to design their own toddler room, but in […]


Swivel Chairs for Living Room: Unique Space Design Element

The swivel chairs for living room might not be one of the most popular chair designs right now, but it is indeed something that esthetically will be able to increase the beauty of any type of any living room design, indeed. Chair is one of the most important elements in living room design because it is the one that involve in the development of the design identity of a living […]

vanity ideas

Lovely Vintage Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

To complete your master bathroom to be more comfortable and function able, you need to install and apply some furniture inside. Vintage bathroom vanity is one of the beautiful furniture that you can choose to complete your bathroom. Vanity for the bathroom is very important; it can be good space for dressing up in your bathroom. Therefore, you need to put the mirror for the bathroom vanity. Meanwhile, you may […]


The Counter Height Kitchen Tables Detail

Taking right focus to bring special kind of kitchen table will bring specific effect for the art result in the end of room decoration process. You will totally get different kind of satisfaction when you prepare all the room detail with right direction. In more detail, do not forget to apply special theme for the room proportion, so you can get easy way of combination in all the item specification, […]

urban garden

The Concept of Unique Container Gardening

Want to have some green space in the house but do not get enough area? Feel bored with the flat house atmosphere? Then you need to bring special addition for your house condition. As suggestion, you can try to complete your house with special idea of container gardening detail. It will really be a unique kind of gardening style that you can apply at home with simple step. The container […]