“If someone was thinking about hiring you and asked my opinion, I would honestly tell him/her that I am no guru but you delivered on every promise and there was tremendous value in what was provided” – Jim Gilland – Gilland Law Firm

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“Would You Like The Proven and Profitable Marketing Injected That Builds You Loyal Followings of Leads and Customers…And Makes You An Instant Celebrity In Your Market-At The Same Time?”

From The Desk of Eric Barton, the “Results Specialist”

Hi, my name’s Eric Barton, a.k.a. the “Results Specialist.

I’m an author, host of the fasteasysuccess marketing insider (over on itunes and stitcher), marketing strategist, search engine specialist, direct response copywriter and serial entrepreneur.

Before my journey now, I spent years in the high stress corporate world as a sales specialist for big brands…

Until I finally got sick of making my bosses the serious money and chose to take the business journey on my own.

Decided to start my first internet advertising company back then. I knew how to hit the streets and jam on the phones to make sales, but the only problem was…

I knew nothing about direct response marketing and online entrepreneurship at that time.

Back then, couldn’t even afford to hire anyone to help me out. But what I did have was time (the only benefit of being without a job).

So I dove in head first and through lots of learning, testing, trial and error and more error…

I developed a business that I loved to run and… actually made me a lot of money!

I turned 250 bucks and my cell phone into a thriving six figure internet advertising company.

Then ended up selling that fast growing business for 800 times my original investment-2 years later.

And along the way I’ve mastered the art and science of proven direct response marketing.

Marketing that brings eager-ready to buy leads and customers to you.

I’ve also helped hundreds of passionate entrepreneurs and business owners- market their business so they can generate massive results and make the huge money they deserve.

Today, I have my own thriving marketing business designing and building custom marketing systems.

Helping clients generate maximum profits with minimal or no effort on their part.

If you’d like to learn what it takes to have a business that makes money on auto-pilot and or with a lot less effort, then I’m actually happy to show you for free, right now.


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OK, So Where Were We?

Oh Yes! I know where I was going…

You May Already Know The Facts…

The latest eye opening data reveals that 96% of all businesses fail within 10 years and 80% fail within the first two years.

Here’s what some say that you’ll find according to the Social Security Administration and The Average Financial Statistics:

Take any hundred people at the start of their working careers and follow them for 40 years until they reach retirement age…

Only 1 will be wealthy…4 will be financially secure…5 will continue working not because they want to, but because they have to…36 will be no longer living…

And 54 will be dead broke-dependent on their social security checks, relatives, friends and even charity.

That’s 5% Successful and 95% Unsuccessful!

That’s the bad news and here’s all the good news…

You don’t need to be another statistic, there are still business owners thriving in this economy and you can be one of the successful ones, if you choose.

Now…You may be wondering what the difference is between those who succeed and those who don’t? The easy answer…

The Right Marketing.

Companies that invest in the best marketing will have a huge advantage over those who don’t. It’s That Simple!

You obviously agree because you’re smart enough to be here with me right now.

But as you know…

Running a business for you can be stressful and difficult enough without having to worry about fixing the damage your marketing services or some gurus advice and work did.

You may even be used to saying…

“I want and need somebody to help me have a better return on my advertising and marketing dollars.”


“I want a marketing specialist that can actually do what they say instead of under delivering like the rest.”

If that sounds right to you, then know…you may now have the opportunity to have what you want. You See…

I’m not a mind reader or the “mentalist” (although been accused of that by clients and customers)….but I’m going to say you’ve joined me here for one of two reasons…

1-You’re ready to grow your business, but sick of struggling with all the headaches and hassles. Know you’re not at the level you desire and deserve yet.

Smart enough to know you just needed the right help to get there and lastly…want to experience success faster and easier.


2-You’re almost (but not yet) quite satisfied with where your business is going and know you can increase your results-if you only had the right guidance or help.

If that’s true, then you may be exactly in the right place.

Because I’m going to be sharing with you potent-profitable tips and tricks I’ve uncovered after many years in the trenches helping business owners just like you, dramatically increase their results.

That’s a story in itself, and one that will keep you right on the edge of your seat. It’s been a wild experience, but a fun one. As you’re going to see for yourself as we get to know each other.

In the meantime…

Buckle up because you’re going on a profitable thrill ride with me.

It’s easy for me to say what I’m about to but…

You’ve probably never come across anyone breaking down things as refreshing-fast and easy as I do.

Plus, you probably never met someone who is as “results driven” as me.

Yes, I promise much.

But I also deliver even more than I promise.

Yet I don’t expect you to take my word for this. Anyone can make any claim they like, especially on the Internet.

I’ve helped hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs and 100% deliver on my word obviously because I still use my bullet proof guarantee—if haven’t seen it on this site above for some reason, definitely go back and look because it’s on here for you.

I have my one of a kind guarantees because I stand behind everything I provide- and hundreds of clients agree.

If we ever do work together, you’ll see for yourself why clients call me the “Results Specialist”.

And, no, I’m not trying to get you to invest in my services now, so I’m not even going to offer you to invest in anything. We don’t even know each other yet.

If have a rush project or something that needs immediate attention, then you’re welcome to check out my services and try to schedule a time to discuss your goals, but…

There is no guarantee my schedule will be open or even if you would qualify to work with me personally.

Schedules can change, but…

I have my own projects…reserve time for new and existing business coaching clients…clear my schedule for limited strategy sessions monthly…never outsource my marketing, direct response writing or search engine services…

And never work with more than a handful of clients a month. Why?

Feel that would dilute the massive value I provide.

As a matter of fact, this year alone, over half my clients have come from referrals.

Perhaps some time in the future if you qualify-want to schedule a time to discuss your goals and project-and if I have time available, then you can.

But in the mean time…

I’m going to ask you to do something you’d never expect someone in the “marketing world” to say…

I ask you not to believe me right now. I want you to be skeptical, questioning everything I tell you and anyone else.

Why would I say this?

Two reasons.

First, in just the last 10 years alone, I have invested over 21,000 hours into researching, studying, implementing, testing and generating results for myself and clients.

These hard hitting strategies and tips have been used throughout hundreds of niches and fields.

I know everything I reveal to you in my book and through the newsletter (and especially to you as a client) works, you don’t yet.

I’m sure you’ve been around the block and know half the “gurus” out there only give you pieces of the whole puzzle.

I want you to test everything I reveal though this newsletter and other sources and see the results for yourself.

And secondly, you’re going to find what I have to share with you can make a dramatic shift for your business and life.

But only if use the “bullets” and take action!

Helping serious business owners and entrepreneurs is my passion.

That’s why I’m offering you a chance to not only sign up for the free business tips, but also welcome you to hit the resource tab above. Why?

This way you can also listen to my value packed podcast and uncover other resources that you may choose to take advantage of if seeking better results.


If you think I or anyone else can make you rich overnight and with no work…

Then you’re reading the wrong guy, and the best thing you can do is unsubscribe to the newsletter once you join for the free book and move on to the next “shiny object”.

I do make reaching success faster and easier for you, but you still have to take action on the tips I share (unless you’re one of my clients where I do everything and bring the massive results to you). You See…

Here are just a few examples of results generated for clients that may be of interest to you…

*Transformed one business from small start-up to a six figure business within 18 months by simply using a cell phone, $250 and a few profitable strategies.

Allowing myself to sell the business six months after that for 800 times the initial investment.

*Took a brand new (first year) insurance agent from nowhere to top 10 most profitable offices by putting in place just 2 marketing strategies.

*Because of my guidance, another client, a small offline business, in the first month, was able to bank an extra $5,000 a month opportunity immediately and eliminate a $7,500 a month loss just by using one creative and profitable strategy.

*Took one business from literally no sales (not one) in over a year, to having sales the first day by them just using 1 suggestion I gave them and me injecting just one technique for them.

*Working with one business, transformed the business from almost closing the doors for good to becoming profitable the very first month working together (They were sitting on a fortune and they didn’t even realize it until I uncovered it for them).

After injecting potent marketing, three months later, the results improved so much, that it resulted in them being offered and then taking a multi-million dollar buyout offer from a major chain.

Those are just a few examples of some of the marketing results I like to create for clients. Some clients call me a marketing machine and some the results specialist.

The fact of the matter is that I have developed unique marketing systems and strategies that have produced profitable results (fast and easy) for all sizes of companies.

I’ve increased sales and results for small online and offline business owners…all the way up to multi-million giants such as State Farm Insurance, Comcast, Ramada, Direct TV, Goodrich Insurance, Shoreline Mortgage and many more.

What’s the reason all this is important to you?

Because I created FastEasySuccess Marketing with a few goals in mind and they benefit you as well. What are they?

Well since you asked. They Are…

To give you and other serious business owners-the massive value and results deserved and desired.

To make the typical “marketing process” a stress-free, fun and profitable experience for you.

And to put the true passion back into your business so you, your customers and others can benefit much more. What do I mean by “others”?


Here’s something amazing that you may or may not thought of before….

When you grow your business and make more money, you’ll also be benefiting so many others as well.

Think about it…

You make more money, your customers or clients receive more value, the community has a much better chance of becoming greater because more cash is flowing through the area, more taxes earned and amazingly…

Even school systems can improve all because a business prospers.

This is way bigger than business building-this is community building.

Why couldn’t you be the one getting rich, prospering in your business and field or niche?

Why shouldn’t you be the one to benefit from providing value to everyone around you at the same time?

A win/win for everyone.

If you’re serious, looking for maximum value and finally ready to get the proven results you deserve- then we should definitely talk if you’re in a rush for results.

One Thing First Though…

You see, I’ll admit freely that I can’t help everyone or every business (and there are many I wouldn’t help if I could and you’ll find out why right now).

Here then are the 4 minimum conditions that must exist for it to make sense for you to contact me before we choose if it’s right to work together…

1. You must have an ethical and valuable product or service (Even the best marketing strategies will fail if your product or service has no value or is dishonest).

2. You must be a business owner or entrepreneur who is serious about success and can be fun to work with at the same time.

3. You must have an open mind. My methods are unique to say the least. I won’t spend time or money massaging anyone’s ego. Therefore, when it comes to money, I’m forced to get serious because results matter, wouldn’t you agree?

4. And finally, needless to say, my services are an investment and not cheap. You must be serious and ready to invest in your marketing and business.

If not, then there’s tons of cheap “marketing guys” you could try your luck with.

However, you’ve probably already discovered the frustrations and issues with going that route (that’s why you’re here with me now).

By the way, there’s just one more thing…

Please don’t call unless you yourself own or control your business. If you can’t make the ultimate decisions, then just please give the phone to whoever can so we can get right down to discussing your goals.

The number for you to call is (262) 716-1786 and all calls will be handled personally by myself.

If I do have time available to take on your project and if we both decide it would be a good time to begin our profitable adventure together, then…

Obviously, we need to first know two important things:

A: What is your actual situation right now?
B: What is your ideal situation and goal?

Once I know these two things, I focus on the gap between A & B.

Only when I understand a client‘s situation, do I start making recommendations and show you as a client, how I can close this gap for you the fastest and easiest way possible.

Why is this important?

Imagine you went to see a doctor because you felt there was something wrong with your health and you feel under the weather. You walk into the doctor’s office and he says…

“Let me tell you about the wonderful special we have on kidney transplants.”

How would you feel about this doctor if they did this to you without even running any tests or asking you what your symptoms are?

You would feel shocked that he would recommend something before he even knew what was wrong with you.

This is what most companies do. They do not take the time to ask you questions and care enough to do a “proper diagnosis”.

They prescribe you what they want to give you.

In the doctor example, if he had taken the time to discuss your issues, I’m sure you would agree that you would be far more likely to take his recommendation and far more likely to become healthier.

Obviously you’ll agree, it’s the same for your business.

When you call 262.716.1786 and if my schedule is available, we start by discussing your problems and goals.

Then we’ll talk about the solutions I provide serious business owners and entrepreneurs and speak about what the right solution is for you and your business.

I should mention again that since my marketing brings you in the best return on investment, never outsourced and is all personally created…

Services are only available to a limited number of clients per month, geographic location and per niche or business field. This allows…

You to experience the mind blowing advantage desired and your business receives the results you deserve.

I should also let you know before we discuss working together…

Some might say some of my services are more expensive than others. Why do I charge so much?

The answer…

Because my clients aren’t just willing to pay these kinds of rates, they’re thrilled to invest for the kind of return on investment and results I generate.

My goal is always to generate results for the serious that step forward.


You’re obviously open to new ideas and serious about improving your business since you’ve read this for…so sign up for the FastEasySuccess Marketing Newsletter, grab your free value packed book waiting…

Fast and Easy Steps To Marketing Success and watch out for my first money-making tip in your inbox tomorrow.

Oh, I do have some more good news for you…

Even if my schedule is full and I’m personally not available to help you personally now, if you’re an action taker…

Then you can still go ahead and browse the site and check out the resource section. Why?

Because like we spoke about, you can uncover the FastEasySuccess Marketing Insider Podcast and other value packed business resources waiting for your marketing arsenal.

Are you starting to see how fast and easy I like to make things for you?

We’ll talk soon and here’s…

To Your Success-
Eric Barton, the “Results Specialist” 262.716.1786

P.S. What’s my whole story? What kind of results do I generate for clients? What kind of things do I help business owners with? What services do I offer?

Those are great questions you have.

If need all the answers now, all that’s on my site for you.

Plus, I have a couple stories to share with you from my past that definitely had a dramatic impact on my success as well. I know sharing these will definitely save you tons of frustration.

A few of these things are on the site and some so personal that I didn’t even share it on my site. But…

You’re part of the family now, so we’ll chat about those later on our road trip together.

Don’t forget to go ahead and subscribe to the value packed FastEasySuccess Marketing Newsletter and check out the resource tab above.


Because like said, even if you don’t get an opportunity for me to personally create all the marketing results for you, you can still walk away with valuable strategies and tips designed to boost your business-the fast and easy way.


Eric Barton Email:ericbarton@fasteasysuccess.com  Phone: 262.716.1786 Address: 1185 Rosedale Ave Dubuque, IA 52001

The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Is Good For One Whole Year (365 Days).